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Bears on the beach? Only in Canada

The black bear that was shot and killed on Grand Beach, Manitoba

Normally when you think of bears on a beach, images of gay nude beaches come to mind. That wasn’t the case in Manitoba this week when an actual black bear wandered out of the forest and onto a crowded beach, giving beachgoers a little spook. It happened at Grand Beach Provincial Park, a popular summer […]

Giant sinkhole devours Australian beach

Giant sinkhole at Inskip Beach, Australia

About 100 metres of coastline in Australia no longer exists after a giant sinkhole opened up and devoured the popular beach. The natural phenomenon took place at Inskip Beach, near Tin Can Bay in Queensland. Trees and municipal signs fell victim to the ocean as beach-goers scrambled to get out of harm’s way. Media reports […]

Lifeguards unable to rescue their truck from the tide

car underwater

Let’s hope these Scottish lifeguards have better luck retrieving people out of the water. A group of lifeguards near Nairn, Scotland were left red-faced and probably feeling pretty stupid after leaving their USD$32,000 Toyota Hilux lifeguard truck on the beach at low tide. The boys in red were out on a call searching for a […]