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T4 On The Beach festival loses headline act JLS at the last minute

T4 on the beach festival

Fans of the popular British boy band JLS were devastated – some bursting into tears – when they received word the group had to cancel its T4 On The Beach performance at the last minute. JLS was slated to perform at the T4 On The Beach music festival on Weston-Super-Mare beach but were forced to […]

Best beaches in the UK

St. Ives, UK

The United Kingdom is no sunny, tropical destination. But with well over 1,000 islands comprising the UK, it’s got its fair share of great beaches. In Tripadvisor’s inaugural Travelers’ Choice Awards, St. Ives was voted the best beach destination in the UK. Here’s the complete top 10 list: 10. Swanage, United Kingdom Beach: Swanage Beach […]

Prince William and Kate’s honeymoon possibilities

The royal couple on a previous vacation

Now that the pomp and circumstance of their royal wedding is over, Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton (aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) can get on with some relaxing private time. There’s been plenty of speculation as to where the couple are headed for their two-week getaway, though there’s been no […]

Jack Wills ads banned for depicting near naked teens on the beach

The banned Jack Wills photos showing teens romping on the beach

Jack Wills, the British label popular among teens, is facing criticism it has pushed the boundaries of decency too far for publishing photos of near-naked teens romping on the beach. Photos from its 2011 Spring Term Handbook have been banned by UK advertising regulators after receiving a number of complaints from the public. The photos […]