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Hunky Oliver Cheshire models latest M&S swimwear for men

Oliver Cheshire model collage2

You can be forgiven if you didn’t even notice the swim shorts that Oliver Cheshire wore as he modelled the season’s latest beachwear collection for men. The strapping 23-year-old showed off more than just the shorts. The shirtless 5’11” model showed he’s got the perfect beach body to go with his apparel, and abs you […]

Beach Etiquette Rule #1: To Speedo or Not to Speedo?

Speedo man

This is a common dilemma for men when heading off to the beach. Dare they venture out in public donning this skimpy form of spandex beachwear, leaving very little to the imagination? Or should they cover up, opting instead for the baggier and less revealing swim shorts?

This, of course, depends on many things.