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Elle Macpherson shows off her surfing skills, and an awkward tanline

Elle Macpherson surfing3 feature

Just because she’s nearly 50 doesn’t mean Elle Macpherson has hung up her sense of adventure. The 47-year-old hit the surf during a visit to her native Australia. She may have shown off a slightly uneven and awkward tanline around her bikini region, but the actress and model looked like a pro once she got […]

Actor Gerard Butler cheats death after surfing mishap

Gerard Butler cheats death

Gerard Butler, the star  of 300, is lucky to be alive after he became trapped underwater at a California beach while surfing. Butler was in the water about two miles from Pillar Point Harbor, just south of San Francisco when he ran into trouble. He was pounded by breakers that were 12 feet high, was […]

Amazing surfing photography


We stumbled across these photos taken by Stuart Gibson and were quite impressed, to say the least. Take a look: Be sure to check out the rest of Stuart Gibson’s work here.

Daredevil Garrett McNamara breaks surfing record on a 90-foot wave (VIDEO)

McNamara riding a monster 90-foot wave

A daredevil surfer by the name of Garrett McNamara shattered a surfing world record after he managed to ride out a 90-foot monster wave. The 44-year-old native of Hawaii made the record ride off the coast of Portugal, where an underwater canyon intensified incoming waves. The previous “big wave” surfing record was set in 2008 […]

Lindsay Lohan adds to fad of celebrity surfing

Lindsay Lohan surfing-malibu

We know a fad when we see one, and celebrities trying their hand at surfing appears to be the latest. Lady Gaga in Mexico, a shirtless David Beckham in Malibu and now Lindsay Lohan, also in Malibu. While David is a seasoned surfer, and Lady Gaga seemed to grasp the concept quickly, Little Miss Lohan […]

Lady Gaga spotted surfing in Mexico

Lady Gaga surfing in mexico

It’s not a scene you see everyday… Lady Gaga catching some waves on a surfboard in Puerto Vallarta. The 25-year-old superstar was seen enjoying the Mexican beaches with friends, and actually managed to ride a medium sized wave in somewhat decent style. Check out the pics:

Beckham and boys strike classy surfboard pose in Malibu

Beckham boys on surfboards

The Beckhams are settling into their luxury Malibu rental just fine, by the looks of things. David Beckham and his three sons struck an impressive pose on their surfboards recently while hitting the waves.

Night surfing at Bondi Beach described as “eerie”

Night surfing at Bondi Beach - a new fad?

When floodlights were set up at Australia’s Bondi Beach for an ice rink, two local surfers saw an opportunity present itself: night surfing. The two surfers, Ian Wallace and Perth Standlick, a pro surfer, called the night surfing experience “eerie”, according to a UK Telegraph article. The two reportedly rode about 10 waves each, saying […]