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Video of tiger shark feeding frenzy on a dead whale

Shark feeding frenzy on dead whale

Surfers stayed on the sidelines on an Australian beach as more than 100 tiger sharks put on a show during a feeding frenzy caused by whale carcass. Instead, the surfers filmed the sight, which unfolded in front of them close to Warroora Station in northwestern Australia. “I was collecting shells along the beach with my […]

Australians on the hunt for killer great white shark


Like a scene out of Jaws, beach communities along Western Australia’s coast are being terrorized by a killer great white shark. The “rogue” shark is thought to be responsible for three deaths in the past two months, and perhaps a fourth within the last year. Texan George “Thomas” Wainright became the latest shark attack victim […]

Bobby Gumm – Oregon surfer who eluded a great white shark (VIDEO)

Bobby Gumm following an apparent great white shark attack

An Oregon surfer had the shock of his life when he was thrust in to the air by what was estimated to be a 16- to 20-foot-long great white shark. Bobby Gumm, a former Oahu surfer now living in Oregon, was surfing about 200 feet from the shore at South Beach, Newport when he was […]

Florida man thanks his lucky stars (and friends) after near-fatal shark attack

C.J. Wickersham tells his near-fatal shark attack story

What are friends for if they can’t save you from a harrowing shark attack? That’s exactly what happened when Connor Bystrom risked his own life by jumping into the water to save his friend, C.J. Wickersham, who was in the midst of being attacked by a shark. After a day of diving and spear fishing […]

Photos of Mark Cohen, shark attack victim, being pulled to the beach

shark attack photo

Photos of the moments following a horrific shark attack in South Africa have surfaced, which show the victim being pulled out of the water and onto the beach. Mark Cohen, a Canadian-born British citizen who now lives in South Africa, had one of his legs completely bitten off and another badly mangled in a vicious […]

Footage of Great White sharks near beach where British man was attacked

Great white shark attack

Video footage was taken of two Great White sharks spotted near Fish Hoek Bay Beach soon after a British man was viciously attacked. (See the full story here) Mark Cohen, who currently lives in South Africa, allegedly ignored warnings about sharks in the area and went into the water. Witnesses described seeing a violent splash […]

Baby Great White shark rescued by surfers in Venice Beach (Video)

Great white shark rescue

Surfers and beach-goers in Venice Beach California came to the rescue of a baby Great White shark that had washed up on shore. After removing a fishing hook, the young shark was pushed back out into the water where he lived to see another day. See the video:

Great White shark chases kayaker – Can this photo possibly be real?

Great White Shark follows a kayaker

This photo has made the rounds on the internet, and has captured the imaginations of many who are curious to know if its authentic, or simply a typical internet photo-shopped jobbie. Take a look: Well folks, we’ve tracked down the real story behind this epic photo… from the photographer himself.