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Kim Kardashian squeezes into a bikini on a Mexican beach

Kim Kardashian bikini2

Say what you will about the neurotic, attention-grabbing crazy that is Kim Kardashian, but she sure does know how to fill a bikini top! The reality star was seen recently in Mexico where she stripped down to a baby blue bikini that did wonders to show off her voluptuous beach body. It was the 31-year-old’s […]

Electro Beach 2012 Puerto Vallarta: A 42-night Spring Break experience


If the winter blues are setting in, and you’re starting to suffer withdrawal from lack of sun, how does a 42-night Spring Beak experience in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta sound right about now? Electro Beach 2012 is just what you need. It’s six weeks of some of the hottest up-and-coming DJ talents and a chance to […]

Sofia Vergara’s bikini reaches capacity at Mexican beach resort

Sofia Vergara bikini feature

The sexy, Spanish-speaking Modern Family star Sofia Vergara nearly gave photographers an eyeful during a day beachside in Mexico recently. The 39-year-old actress was spotted at a luxury resort in a bikini that may have been a size or two too small. At times, it looked as if she struggled to keep everything contained. The […]

Got a hunch: the Biebs spotted in Cabo with some bad posture

Bieber hunchback

Justin Bieber’s teenage awkwardness finally showed through during a beach vacation to Cabo San Lucas, where he was spotted resembling more the Hunchback of Notre Dame than a teen pop sensation. The new photos show a topless Bieber strolling the Mexican beach with a male relative, and some bad posture. Bizarrely, the glaring hunch seems […]

Papaya Playa Project launches “pop up” hotel on the beach

Papaya playa project

“Glamping”, the latest trend that combines luxury accommodations with rustic surroundings, took a new twist with the opening of a pop-up beach hotel in Tulum, Mexico. The project involves 99 rustic cabanas situated along a 900-meter stretch of beach along Tulum’s picturesque coast. The hotel will consist of private cabanas and casitas and shared, dormitory-style […]

Justin Bieber’s Mexican beach pics (part II)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

More photos of Justin Bieber’s romantic Mexican beach getaway with girlfriend Selena Gomez have surfaced, including shots of Selena as a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. They are also seen snuggling and kissing on the beach during some romantic alone time… except for the paparazzi, of course.

New topless Bieber photos from Cabo, Mexico

Shirtless Justin Bieber in Cabo with Selena Gomez

Just when you thought you’d seen all the shirtless Justin Bieber beach photos there were, the pop singer heads right back out and does it again. Bieber, 17, was snapped while relaxing with girlfriend Selena Gomez while in Cabo, Mexico for a friend’s wedding. The shirtless Bieber is seen snapping photos of bikini-clad Gomez, with […]

Celebrity Beach Pics: Cindy Crawford shows off her bikini body at 45

Cindy Crawford spends some family time in Cabo, Mexico

She may be 45, but Cindy Crawford has no need to pack away her sexy bikinis any time soon. The actress showed off a body many women half her age would die for while vacationing in Cabo over the weekend with her husband and daughter, along with actor George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler. […]

Celebrity beach pics: George Clooney on romantic trip in Los Cabos

George Clooney - mexico

The couple stayed at a luxury resort in Los Cabos during the weekend, and were spotted laughing and with their arms around one another. Clooney, 50, and 32-year-old Keibler were also seen sharing drinks and strolling around their resort. Clooney ended his two-year relationship with Elisabetta Canalis in August. The Italian TV personality was quoted […]

Hurricane Rina sets her eyes on Mexico’s Cozumel, Cancun


Finish your mojitos and head indoors. That’s the advice for anyone in the Caribbean where Hurricane Rina, expected to grow to a Category 3 storm, may wreak havoc and generally ruin peoples’ days. Currently a Category 1 storm, Rina may seem like an innocent and harmless little girl everyone loved in fifth grade, but she’ll […]