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Flash mob at Bondi Beach

Bondi beach flash mob

Australia’s infamous Bondi Beach is home to some of the best surfers in the world, but on this day, the beach transformed into a giant dance floor filled with 200 dancers. Beach-goers were surprised and amused by the spontaneous choreographed piece, set to the music of Ben Lee. Check it out for yourself:

Breakfast on the Beach planned for famed Bondi Beach


Imagine a delicious breakfast on Australia’s Bondi Beach as the sun rises above the ocean horizon. Imagine as well the 5,000 people who are expected to attend. Sydney’s famed Breakfast on the Bridge event, is moving to the beach this year. While the public loved the annual bridge breakfast, the state’s government was less than […]

Celebrity Beach Pics: Shirtless Hugh Jackman, Bondi Beach

Jackman topless

A strapping Hugh Jackman was spotted doing some training exercises on Bondi Beach in his native Australia. The X-Men actor is currently filming a new film called Reel Steel. Contrary to what you’re probably thinking,the film is not about Jackman’s abs.

Night surfing at Bondi Beach described as “eerie”

Night surfing at Bondi Beach - a new fad?

When floodlights were set up at Australia’s Bondi Beach for an ice rink, two local surfers saw an opportunity present itself: night surfing. The two surfers, Ian Wallace and Perth Standlick, a pro surfer, called the night surfing experience “eerie”, according to a UK Telegraph article. The two reportedly rode about 10 waves each, saying […]

Nigella Lawson’s burkini turns heads at Bondi Beach


England’s “Domestic Goddess” turned heads at Bondi Beach and caused passionate reactions around the world after showing up to the beach wearing a full-body burkini. The swimwear – a clever combination of “burka” and “bikini” – is normally reserved for religious Muslim women. But television chef Nigella Lawson, who reportedly lives in a $16-million mansion […]

Whaa? Inflatable thong record broken at Bondi Beach

thong riding

First of all, it’s not what you think. At the mention of an inflatable thong, North Americans are sure to conjure up a very different set up images than our Australian friends. A “thong” in Aussie slang is actually what we know here as flip flops (though we’re intrigued by the idea of inflatable thongs […]

Lonely Planet’s 10 best beach cities

Capetown, South Africa

There are millions of beach lists out there, but it’s not too often you come across a ranking of the best beach cities. But that’s exactly what Lonely Planet has done with its compilation of the world’s top 10 beach cities. We don’t agree with them all (have you ever even hear of Tangier, Morocco?), […]

The Hoff hits the beach to promote… ice cream

The Hoff back on the beach

Wearing his trademark red swim shorts and flanked by a gaggle of swimsuit babes, The Hoff made an appearance at Australia’s renowned Bondi Beach. And for what reason, you ask? Well, to promote ice cream. [Insert cricket chirps here] It’s a sad day when it’s international news that the once-famous TV star showed up at […]