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Beach Etiquette Rule #3: To pee or not to pee

peeing in the water at the beach

So while enjoying a day at the beach you decide to take a dip in the water and, uh oh, suddenly you have the urge to relief yourself. Not wanting to go to the trouble of getting back out (especially if you’re a surfer in a wet suit), finding the nearest rest room and likely […]

Beach Etiquette Rule #2: Visiting a Nude Beach


If you’re like me, you generally prefer to keep your private parts, well, private.

But there’s no denying the sense of freedom that comes with stripping down to your birthday suit, particularly out on the beach with the sun beaming down on your body.

If it’s your first time, there are actually a few rules that you’ll want to take note of if you don’t want to stick out as a newbie nudie.