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Dirty couple engage in sex on the beach in Brighton – VIDEO

Couple sex on the beach 2

A brazen couple turned a lot of heads – and possibly more – when they started having sex on the beach in Brighton Beach. Fellow beachgoers were shocked, especially since children were also on the beach at the time. Witnesses said they were alerted to the act after hearing the woman’s moans. Even more shocking […]

Kite surfer pulls off incredible high-flying stunt with help from Hurricane Debby [VIDEO]

Kite surfer goes flying over pier

With a little help from Hurricane Debby, kite surfer Billy Parker pulled off a remarkable stunt by flying over the pier at Redington Beach, Florida. The high-flying move was captured on video by both his girlfriend and a group of onlookers at a nearby apartment. Parker told a local news station that he had been […]

Ego Leonard, giant Lego man mysterioulsy washes up on Siesta Key Beach

Ego Leonard, beached like a whale and almost as large as one

Meet Ego Leonard, a towering 8-foot-tall, 100-pound Lego man who recently washed up on the shores of Siesta Key Beach. He presumably comes in peace, but also with a message emblazoned across the back of his nifty plastic shirt: “No real than you are.” We think he means “no more real than you are”, which […]

Surfing goes to the dogs at the annual Surf City Surf Dog competition

"Traffic jam on the water"

Surfing at Huntington Beach over the weekend went to the dogs as canines of all shapes and sizes took to the water to participate in the city’s much-loved Surf City Surf Dog competition. More than 20 dogs were entered in the competition, which made for hundreds of priceless photos. Here’s a sampling:

Unbelievable creatures roaming the beach (Video)

Beach beasts

The creation of Theo Jansen, these beach beasts roam the Dutch shorelines in breathtaking fashion… check out his story:

Bears on the beach? Only in Canada

The black bear that was shot and killed on Grand Beach, Manitoba

Normally when you think of bears on a beach, images of gay nude beaches come to mind. That wasn’t the case in Manitoba this week when an actual black bear wandered out of the forest and onto a crowded beach, giving beachgoers a little spook. It happened at Grand Beach Provincial Park, a popular summer […]

Night surfing at Bondi Beach described as “eerie”

Night surfing at Bondi Beach - a new fad?

When floodlights were set up at Australia’s Bondi Beach for an ice rink, two local surfers saw an opportunity present itself: night surfing. The two surfers, Ian Wallace and Perth Standlick, a pro surfer, called the night surfing experience “eerie”, according to a UK Telegraph article. The two reportedly rode about 10 waves each, saying […]

Paris Hilton’s stalker arrested outside her Malibu Beach home

Paris hilton stalker arrested

Paris Hilton’s stalker was arrested once again, this time while peering inside her Malibu Beach home. Celebrity gossip web site TMZ reported that Paris Hilton watched from the balcony as 36-year-old James Rainford was put into handcuffs and arrested for violating a 200-yard stayaway order. Rainford was first arrested last year when he was caught […]

Giant sinkhole devours Australian beach

Giant sinkhole at Inskip Beach, Australia

About 100 metres of coastline in Australia no longer exists after a giant sinkhole opened up and devoured the popular beach. The natural phenomenon took place at Inskip Beach, near Tin Can Bay in Queensland. Trees and municipal signs fell victim to the ocean as beach-goers scrambled to get out of harm’s way. Media reports […]

Young couple shocks onlookers by having sex on Florida beach

The couple arrested for having sex on a beach in Florida

A young Florida couple has been charged after having sex on the beach  near a crowded restaurant – and we’re not talking about the cocktail. According to news reports, the 21-year-old woman and the 22-year-old man began performing lewd sex acts in full view of about 100 people, including children, at a nearby restaurant in […]