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Extreme surfer Garrett McNamara conquers his own record on a 100-ft monster wave

garrett-mcnamara 100 ft wave

Extreme surfer Garrett McNamara has broken his own world record by riding a massive swell measuring 100 feet. The 45-year-old daredevil rode the monstrous wave just off the coast of Nazare, Portugal. He called the experience “overwhelming”, and also “very challenging”. “I feel very blessed and I feel that we’ve achieved everything we wanted to […]

B.C. teacher suspended for showing class racy Christmas beach video

lgbt beach video

An elementary school teacher in British Columbia, Canada has been suspended for showing his class a racy beach video featuring a man and three females (either trans women or drag queens.) Joe Winkler, an openly gay teacher who teaches at Brentwood Elementary in Central Saanich, B.C., showed his class the video set to the music […]

Wanna get pregnant? Just imagine the beach

Daydreaming of beach

It’s official – the beach can do more than just release your stress and improve your tan, thinking about it can help get you pregnant! You’ll need more than just imagery of white sand and turquoise water lapping up against the beach to put one in the oven, however. Man parts are still required. The […]

NATO warship returns fire and sinks Somali pirate boat

Pirate ship attacked

A NATO warship carrying our routine surveillance off the coast of Somalia returned fire on a Somali pirates after coming under attack. Using AK-47s, the pirate boat opened fire on the HNLMS Rotterdam, NATO’s flagship counter-piracy boat. Soon after, the NATO ship returned fire, killing on of the pirates and sinking the boat. The Rotterdam, […]

Canadian message in a bottle discovered eight years later in Ireland

message bottle oisen millea

In 2004, two 12-year-old Montreal girls thought it would be fun to write a letter, tuck it inside a bottle and toss it into the Atlantic during a trip to Grande Vallée, Quebec. Fast forward eight years to this week when nine-year-old Oisin Millea from Passage East, Ireland discovered that bottle during a visit to […]

Dirty couple engage in sex on the beach in Brighton – VIDEO

Couple sex on the beach 2

A brazen couple turned a lot of heads – and possibly more – when they started having sex on the beach in Brighton Beach. Fellow beachgoers were shocked, especially since children were also on the beach at the time. Witnesses said they were alerted to the act after hearing the woman’s moans. Even more shocking […]

Thousands of beachgoers treated after swarms of jellyfish invade Spain’s Malaga coast

Jellyfish Costa del sol

Thousands of beachgoers had to be treated for painful stings after swarms of jellyfish invaded Spain’s popular Malaga coast beaches. A similar incident took place in July when 1,000 people had to be treated for stings in the Costa Del Sol region. Once again, lifeguards were forced to shut down beaches to protect the public […]

Sailors document tsunami debris field while crossing the Pacific Ocean

Pacific tsunami debris

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165-ton Japanese floating dock washes ashore in Oregon

A 165-ton, 20-metre long floating dock made its way across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to a beach in Oregon

A massive floating dock measuring 20 metres long, six metres wide and two metres high washed up on an Oregon beach direct from Japan. It was the latest of tsunami debris to wash up on the west coast in recent months. The dock is said to have come from the fishing port of Misawa, and […]

Would you buy this shack on the beach for US$197,000?!?

UK beach house for sale

In real estate, they say it’s all about location, location, location, but surely the structure itself has to count for something. So how much would you pay for a 13-foot by 12-foot beachfront shack with no electricity, running water or toilet? Surely not the nearly US$200,000 asking price. But surprisingly, the sale is attracting quite […]