Duchess of Alba Cayetana Fitz James shows off her 86-year-old bikini body in Formentera

Just a year after marrying her toyboy 25 years her junior, 86-year-old Duchess of Alba, Cayetana Fitz James, sported a bikini as she strolled the beaches of Formentera, proving you are only as old as you feel.

Well, except for all the wrinkles and shit. Heads turned as the Spanish Royal and her new hubby, 61-year-old Alfonso Diez, strolled the beach and took a dip in the water.

The duchess is a known extrovert, and not to mention a billionaire with more titles than Queen Elizabeth.

Just like the Speedo debate, it can be argued that there comes a time in our life when certain garments should simply be left in the drawer.

Power to the duchess, though, for having the balls to say, “I don’t give a shit if my boobs are at my bellybutton, I’m wearing my bikini to the beach today!”