165-ton Japanese floating dock washes ashore in Oregon

A 165-ton, 20-metre long floating dock made its way across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to a beach in Oregon

A massive floating dock measuring 20 metres long, six metres wide and two metres high washed up on an Oregon beach direct from Japan. It was the latest of tsunami debris to wash up on the west coast in recent months.

The dock is said to have come from the fishing port of Misawa, and in fact was one of four that were washes out to sea when the 2011 Japanese tsunami washed in with causing utter destruction and washed right back out taking tons of debris with it.

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One dock was found on a nearby Japanese island soon after the disaster, while two others were never seen again. The one that arrived in Oregon made the 8,000-km trek thanks to surface winds and ocean currents.

Dozens of curious onlookers inspected the oversized ocean debris as it lay on Agate Beach in Newport, Oregon.

Media reports cite experts who say the dock brought with it some castaways, including hundreds of millions of individual organisms, including a tiny species of crab, a species of algae, and a starfish that are all native to Japan.

The University of Hawaii’s International Pacific Research Center is currently tracking the 1.5 million tons of tsunami debris estimated to still be floating across the Pacific.