Photos of Mark Cohen, shark attack victim, being pulled to the beach

Photos of the moments following a horrific shark attack in South Africa have surfaced, which show the
victim being pulled out of the water and onto the beach.

Mark Cohen, a Canadian-born British citizen who now lives in South Africa, had one of his legs
completely bitten off and another badly mangled in a vicious attack by a Great White shark in
Fish Hoek Bay, South Africa.

The two men who pulled him from the water have been identified as 61-year-old Douglas Drysdale
and 66-year-old Hugh Till, both friends of Cohen’s.

They are being credited with saving his life, as they waded into the water to retrieve Cohen and
quickly tied a makeshift tourniquet around his severed limb.

Witness also report seeing a seal that was in the area distract the shark just as it was about to make
a second lunge at Cohen.

Mark Cohen being pulled out after the attack (Photo: Noble Draper)

Shark attach victim Mark Cohen being pulled from the water (Photo: Noble Draper)

The scene at Fish Hoek Bay Beach moments after the attack