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American tourist left behind on snorkeling trip

open water shark scene

In a scene reminiscent of the movie Open Water, a U.S. tourist was left stranded during a snorkeling trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Ian Cole of Michigan told local media he became panic-stricken when he surfaced at Michaelmas Cay, near Cairns, Australia, and saw no sight of the tourist vessel Passions of Paradise. Apparently […]

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There is no doubt that develops in technological innovation have transformed the way you build. Not do filmmakers require support of studios to produce their films. We supply qualified professional and amateur filmmakers ability to access value, cloud-based primarily internet digital video enhancing application. If you are trying to make a skill movie or it […]

Tripadvisor beach etiquette survey: Bare bums a no-no

nude baby on beach1

If you decided to let your child run around nude thinking it’s a harmless rite of childhood, beware the scowls from your fellow beach-goers. According to a survey by Tripadvisor, a full 65% said they consider it offensive Whoa, tough crowd! And that’s not all.  More than half of respondents said they were put off […]

Giant sinkhole devours Australian beach

Giant sinkhole at Inskip Beach, Australia

About 100 metres of coastline in Australia no longer exists after a giant sinkhole opened up and devoured the popular beach. The natural phenomenon took place at Inskip Beach, near Tin Can Bay in Queensland. Trees and municipal signs fell victim to the ocean as beach-goers scrambled to get out of harm’s way. Media reports […]

Young couple shocks onlookers by having sex on Florida beach

The couple arrested for having sex on a beach in Florida

A young Florida couple has been charged after having sex on the beach  near a crowded restaurant – and we’re not talking about the cocktail. According to news reports, the 21-year-old woman and the 22-year-old man began performing lewd sex acts in full view of about 100 people, including children, at a nearby restaurant in […]

Jordin Sparks shows off bikini body in People magazine

Jordin Sparks will show off her new figure in PEOPLE magazine

Weeks after Tweeting a photo showing her dramatic weight loss, American Idol Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks will be featured in People magazine’s “Most Amazing Bodies” feature. Sparks, 21, has worked hard to shed 30 lbs., and will appear in an orange and turquoise polka dot bikini to show off her well-toned, size 8 figure […]

Beachin’ Bods of the Week


Part of the fun of going to the beach is taking in the assortment of eye candy. Since we know you’re a busy person and can’t get to the beach as often as you’d like, we’ve decided to bring this part of the beach to you.

Lost penguin swims 4,000 miles to New Zealand beach

Emperor penguin arrives in New Zealand

An emperor penguin  normally found in the waters of Antarctica recently made landfall on a New Zealand beach roughly 4,000 miles away. Media reports say the young adventurer must have made a wrong turn, that he must be lost. How else to explain his unexpected arrival at Peka Peka Beach on New Zealand’s North Island. […]

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green spotted on Hawaiian beach

megan fox on the beach-feature

About to celebrate their one-year anniversary of married life, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were spotted taking a romantic stroll along a Hawaiian beach. Fox was in Maui for the Maui Film Festival where she received the Iris Award.

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The History of Horror Movies Have scary videos refined after awhile? Definitely. Horror films have been through drastic improvements from when it revolved all around the actual physical anxieties inside the visitors to horror, torment and gore parodies. This kind of variety started off out by showing experiences which may practically eventually a common human […]