Beckhams rent Malibu beach home for $160k

Like the Beckhams, with summer on the doorstep you may be considering renting a summer getaway. But unlike the Beckhams, you probably don’t plan on spending $158,753 for the pleasure.

That’s how much David Beckham and wife Victoria will be shelling out for the privilege of staying in a $27 million ocean-front home this summer.

The home is described as a, “Stunning, new architectural estate, constructed under strict green building standards, situated on 180 feet of bluff frontage overlooking Malibu’s widest premiere dry sand beach,” according to real estate company Trulia.

The home has breathtaking ocean, island and sunset views. “Gray whales hug the shore as they migrate around one of the West Coast’s great points,” the web site has.

So, the choice is yours.. pay off your mortgage or live the good life this summer and never look back?

The Beckhams' $27-million rental