Great Beaches of Menorca

Cala en Porter

Just off the coast of Spain lies a group of Spanish islands with some of the most beautiful beaches found anywhere on the planet.

For those desiring a get-away retreat surrounded by all the best of the Mediterranean, from cuisine to quiet strolls through the sand to the fabulous shoreline resorts to exciting water sports, the islands welcome all guests.

When planning a Balearic Islands holidays and wanting to enjoy beautiful beaches, travellers should consider Menorca. Menorca is a small, but amazing island.

Below are four of the best beaches in Menorca and are definitely worth a visit on your Menorca holidays.

East – Son Bou
A long white sandy beach in the south eastern corner of Menorca is great for long walks in the sand or just laying back, enjoying the sun and the sound of the surf. When visiting Son Bou in early spring, winter or late fall, visitors may have the beach all to themselves or only a few other beach lovers may be scattered here and there.

South – Cala en Porter
This beach on the southern end of the island is in a protected cove with white sand and a large, clear-blue, shallow swimming area. Attracting many beach goers and equipped with rows lounge chairs and cabanas, the holiday beach scene is here.

West – Cala en Blanes
Located on the harbor shoreline near the city of Ciutadella on Menorca’s western coast is the Cala en Blanes beach. The soft, white sand on the shore leads to the sparkling shallow waters of the sea. Here and there are rugged, rocky formations and coves much like what is found on the western coast of the United States.

North – Es Castell
Much of the northern part of the island has rocky shores, but frequently, small, secluded, sandy beaches lie. On the north eastern side, in the community of Es Castell, a long, yellow-white sand beach is spread on the shore of an inlet where large ships enter and continue inland to the city of Mao.