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Whaa? Inflatable thong record broken at Bondi Beach

thong riding

First of all, it’s not what you think. At the mention of an inflatable thong, North Americans are sure to conjure up a very different set up images than our Australian friends. A “thong” in Aussie slang is actually what we know here as flip flops (though we’re intrigued by the idea of inflatable thongs […]

Florida sand bar becomes a piano bar

piano bar miami

Ok, who’s the wise guy? A lot of things wash up on the beaches of Florida, but not typically a 650-pound grand piano. Locals from nearby South Beach are abuzz as to who was behind placing the piano on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay, Florida. Speculation includes that it’s part of a music video or […]

Lifeguards unable to rescue their truck from the tide

car underwater

Let’s hope these Scottish lifeguards have better luck retrieving people out of the water. A group of lifeguards near Nairn, Scotland were left red-faced and probably feeling pretty stupid after leaving their USD$32,000 Toyota Hilux lifeguard truck on the beach at low tide. The boys in red were out on a call searching for a […]

Lonely Planet’s 10 best beach cities

Capetown, South Africa

There are millions of beach lists out there, but it’s not too often you come across a ranking of the best beach cities. But that’s exactly what Lonely Planet has done with its compilation of the world’s top 10 beach cities. We don’t agree with them all (have you ever even hear of Tangier, Morocco?), […]

Welcome to the beach garbage hotel

Madrid's Beach Garbage Hotel

After months of slaving away at your job to save up for your dream vacation, it finally arrives. You find yourself in the magnificent city of Madrid. It’s perfect; beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful people. Just one question remains – where to stay? You could take your pick from the long list of luxury hotels […]

No more sex on the beach


Officials in Boracay, the tropical island paradise in the Philippines, is about to outlaw sex on the beach following a rise in the number of lewd beach incidents

Beach lovin’, mother and son-style


The internet is abuzz over beach photos of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her 17-year-old son Peter Brant II.

Beach destinations you must visit


The New York Times recently released its list of 41 (odd number, don’t you think?) places you have to visit. Don’t bother arguing about the worthiness of these places or the wisdom in choosing them. We all know that in reality there are around 41,000 places you need to visit. Anyway, we here at Beachin‘ […]

Sweden’s latest export – you!

Björn Borg Craze Hits the Beach

When you think of Swedish exports, what normally comes to mind? Meatballs? Ikea? Ikea meatballs?

Yes, yes and yes. But now you can add yourself to that list.

Maria Menounos and her beach bikini malfunction

Maria Menounos at Miami Beach

It was supposed to be a typical day at the beach for Access Hollywood host Maria Menounos who was vacationing in Miami Beach over the weekend. Instead, she suffered an embarrassing bikini malfunction that left little to the imagination, with ogling paparazzi there to catch it all. Menounos Tweeted about her day at the beach […]